"Ours is a Quality Audited Truss Plant"


Roof Trusses

Comtech possesses the design and production capability to produce just about any type of roof truss imaginable. We routinely build anything from a common fink to a very complex dual pitch truss complete with cathedral or tray ceilings. Thanks to our state of the art production facility we are able to produce even the most "cut-up" trusses with ease.

Floor Trusses

Nobody wants a "bouncy" floor. At Comtech we go the extra mile to make certain your floor truss component not only meets our tough standards but yours as well. Our production facility currently has the ability to manufacture 12"-24" deep floor trusses.

Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL)

Need a piece of LVL for your project? Chances are we have it on our yard. We currently stock depths of 9 1/4", 11 7/8", 14", 16", 18" and 24" laminated veneer lumber. Our LVL is manufactured to the highest standards by Metsa with a modulus of elasticity (MoE) of 2.0E. In addition, our partnership with Snavely Forest Products helps insure that we can provide a structually sound engineered wood system for your project.


In addition to LVL, Comtech also stocks a broad line of Nordic I-joist.  Stock depths are currently 11 7/8", 14" and 16".  Our Virtek I-Joist Processing saw enables us to provide you with a precision end trimmed product complete with holes precut to virtually any size for your HVAC ductwork.


Often times truss applications will require the use of a hanger or some type of tie-down.  Comtech either stocks or can order any connector from United Steel Products (USP) complete line of truss products.  Need a special hanger?  No problem.  We work closely with USP engineers and can have the exact hanger manufactured just for you.