"Ours is a Quality Audited Truss Plant"


Professional Design Staff

Comtech employs a professional and courteous design staff with many years of training and design experience. Our designers work closely with architects, professional engineers, as well as homeowners to insure that you receive a structurally sound product for your new home. Often times our designers are able to provide options that were previously thought impossible. Our goal is to provide a product that you will be happy with many years to come.

Mitek Software Suite

We utilize software made by Mitek Industries in order to provide you with a product that had been engineered to be structurally sound. This software provides us with testing criteria insuring that your trusses are designed for the load that will be placed upon them. Additionally, it provides for the most cost effective method for building each order.


Our truss plant is equipped with the most up to date sawing equipment in order to accurately and effecitently cut your order. This enables us to provide you with a product where the last truss built is the exact same as the first. the efficiency and redundancy designed into Comtech's sawline provides for a minimum amount of sawline related production problems.

Mitek Truss Tables

The truss builders at Comtech work in a plant that has been engineered to fully optimize production equipment. They are provided with oversize tables that accommodate even the largest of trusses. It is Comtech's pledge to its employees to provide them with the proper equipment and training to produce a "quality" product.

Stock Lumber

What kind of lumber does your job require? Comtech stocks it! While other manufacturers often attempt to limit inventory by reducing the number of grades stocked, Comtech carries a full line of #1, Select Structural and Machine Stress Rated Southern Yellow Pine enabling our designers to fully utilize the design software and provide you with a product that is right for your job. Comtech uses the higher quality grades because their chord material provides for a more stable finished product.

Vitek Laser Imaging System

Comtech has recently added to its truss building equipment with a Virtek Laser Imaging System. The Virtek Imaging System will display, using a laser, the exact outline of your truss. This system significantly reduces the time required between setups. This enables Comtech to produce even the most complex orders effeciently with quality impossible to achieve without such systems.

Mitek Matchpoint PLANX Automated Jigging System

The Matchpoint PLANX automated jigging system greatly decreases the setup time for each truss thus insuring the truss is assembled with greater efficiency and accuracy. We have found that when partnered with the Virtek Laser System not only does our overall build time decrease substantually, we are able to build a much more complex truss in virtually the same amount of time as a simple common truss.

Virtek I-Joist Processing Saw

Comtech is the proud owner of one of only a handful of Virtek I-Joist Processing saws ever produced. This saw allows us to provide the customer with a precision end trimmed I-Joist complete with routed holes for HVAC ductwork. With material handling capacities of 2500 lineal feet per hour and stock up to 60 feet we are able to provide a service that will not only decrease joist installation time but HVAC installation time as well.

Quality Materials

Comtech prides itself on producing a product that is second to none. In order to do this we manufacture your product using what we believe to be the best materials the industry has to offer. Our plates are from Mitek Industries, America's leader in truss plate connectors and truss production equipment. Our hangers are produced by another industry leader, United Steel Products, a Mitek Company, serving the residential and commercial building industries throughout the United States.

Comtech Transportation Fleet

Comtech's finished product is delivered by our company owned and operated fleet of trucks complete with the latest roll off delivery equipment.


Comtech considers its most important asset its employees. We feel that any company is only as good as its employees. For this reason, Comtech provides its employees a full benefits package including matching 401K, paid holidays, vacation, sick days, medical insurance and technical training. All the employees at Comtech are given the opportunity to participate in productivity incentives. These productivity rewards have resulted in Comtech's being able to to pay top wages to qualified individuals. At Comtech your contribution to the company's success will not go unnoticed. With onsite combined management and ownership, Comtech is able to provide immediate answers to most business and employee related issues without the political and bureaucratic maze often found in many of today's larger corporations. We invite you to explore the employment opportunities Comtech has to offer by contacting Tom Hollinshed.